Philosophy & Purpose

At St. John's Day Care and Preschool, it is our belief that:

  • Each child is a unique being with equal rights.
  • Each child can learn and develop positive personal qualities.
  • Each child should be stretched to the limits of his/her competence.
  • Each child has a right to develop his/her individual potential.
  • Each child should contribute to the well being of the earth and its people.

We value and promote:

  • The development of personal qualities such as honesty, trustworthiness, respect, cleanliness, humility, courtesy, understanding of others, hard work and co-operation.
  • An awareness of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • Respect and appreciation for all cultures, nationalities and religious conviction.
  • Individual initiative and co-operative learning.
  • The absence of discrimination of sex, race, language, native origin, religion, political convictions or ideologies, instruction, wealth or social condition.
  • Solidarity with the poorer communities and preservation of natural and ecological resources.