Four Adventures Boat Tours

Four Adventures Boat Tours

4Adventures was born from four friend’s common passion for the sea and nature.With professional experiences in different felds, these 4 friends have dedicated their entire lives to nautical activities and sports.

Together they have a vast knowledge of the Cascais area, its coastal region, natural wealth and the unique places it offers.

Whether navigating through the Atlantic or the Tejo River, the purpose is the same: to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, many of which can only be seen from our speedboat.

We oer memorable adventures and tours to unique destinations.

With a capacity for 12 people, when you come aboard our speedboat, you'll have the freedom to explore a variety of breathtaking sights.

Enjoy every moment. Share stories. Create memories that will last forever.


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Marina de Cascais, Loja 131,
2750-800 Cascais, Portugal