Educational Policy

Our policy is to ensure the full development of the human person. Therefore, in all our educational activities, we help each child to develop his/her intellectual, physical, social, moral, emotional and spiritual potential so that he or she may grow in freedom and truth.

We aim to achieve this at Day Care and at Preschool by:

  • Fostering a sense of community
    That develops a spirit of respect for self and for others and a spirit of tolerance.
  • Creating a spirit of self-discipline
    In each child, so that he/she may realize the full potential of his/her human dignity while learning to use freedom intelligently.
  • Providing a curriculum
    Which is wide ranged, integrated, full, on going and constantly re-evaluated.
  • Building an environment
    Where the pupil can learn to take initiatives, face the challenge of living as a responsible human being, become independent, choose wisely and take responsibility for their choices.
  • Helping the pupil to master basic skills of learning & communication
    In order to foster in him/her the ability to think constructively and acquire healthy learning habits, thus developing in him/herself the qualities that are essential in facing the challenges of contemporary life.