Stars Uniforms


We aim to innovate and modernize the market for school uniforms.

We offer a global and excellent service, based on trust, preference, and loyalty of our customers, employees, and partners.


We want to become a statement of excellence for school uniforms at a global level.

We want to provide quality uniforms for children that adequate for the school environment.

We want to develop integrated solutions focused on the development, well-being, and happiness of children.


Stars of St. Michael was founded in 2016.

We deliver a range of integrated services for families, from sports, holiday camps, babysitting, birthday parties, school transportation to uniforms, we offer a variety of services focused on the happiness, comfort, and safety of children, providing parents with an array of solutions to their needs.

The determination and curiosity that move us, made us want to go even further. We have started developing a line of school uniforms based on both comfort and functionality and are modernizing and innovating. Our goal is to create high-quality uniforms appropriate for the most varied schools.