Physical Education

Physical Education at St. John's School is divided into several stages according to age and development of each child.

All learning is suitable for the different ages according to the child’s maturity level, motor skills development, cognitive and social-emotional development. Some of the activities at preschool and primary school in physical education classes are:

  • Rhythm clapping, whistling, snapping fingers, tapping their hands on the thighs, among others. Every child is endowed with a rhythm that manifests itself even before birth, whereas the teacher to improve it and adapt it, numerous times,
  • Coordination Skills; perceptual motor activities; muscle tone, manual and pedal manipulation, and expertise with objects,
  • Conditioning Activities with obstacles; Activities of support and traction, climbing activities, jumps with feet together or alternate; Release of objects,
  • Socio-emotional cooperative games, group games; Relay with objects (the object is moving), parachute games, Changing rules of the games, making them inclusive.
  • Cognitive sequence of actions after different stimuli.

So that our children can develop to the most of their capabilities we provide that our students at preschool and primary school:

  • Have the maximum opportunities to move freely in the interior and exterior of the school;
  • Experience different movements such as twisting, sliding and rolling on the floor like a snake;
  • Experience different movements, such as: fast and slow;
  • Use materials such as balls, hoops, climbing.