12/3/2013 St. John's School Newsletter

November Birthdays

António Silveira  13
Mathew Wheatley  20th
Lara Dufour 30th

Ajuda de Berço

Once again we will be helping “Ajuda de Berço” .

Your kind contributions will be deeply appreciated, make sure you check your inbox for more information.

Welcome back to another issue of our newsletter.

November has come and gone and we have had such great experiences throughout the month one of them being the celebration of “São Martinho”. We enjoyed traditional roasted chestnuts and learned about Saint Martin.

We would also like to thank you for taking the time to stop by our Book Fair.  Always remember that books encourage learning and imagination.

Can you believe that Christmas is already sneaking up on us? Our children have been embracing the holiday spirit. They have been preparing classroom decorations, wrapping presents, singing and practicing for the Christmas Performance.
This year children will be performing “The Musicians of Bremen”. It is a folktale by the Grimm Brothers. A fun and simple story with a moral: The respect of your elders.

The performance takes place on December 14th  at  the IASFA (Rua D. Duarte nº 2 – Oeiras). Just as a reminder, remember to have your child dressed and ready to impress at 9.a.m.

Thank you for being part of our “Wreath Competition”, we sure appreciate the time and creativity put into your project. Please make sure that you vote on Facebook for your favourites. The winner will be announced at the Christmas Show next December, 14th .

Miguel Moniz - Executive Director