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Some areas of the website are accessible only through the user registration. The personal information or other elements collected through the registration are exclusively for administrative and computer purposes, and only for services requested by the user through the website. The purpose of the provided services, requires users contact and / or information that may be considered personal. St. John's School is committed to respect the legislation on protection of personal data and not to give this information to third parties.

St. John's School is committed to take the necessary security measures, including SSL digital certification, to provide certain content to Facebook and to ensure the protection of personal user’s data, against their misuse or unauthorized access.


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This site was built as a portal for services domains like Nursery and Kindergarten. It contains links to other Internet sites, national or foreign. To establish, from this site, links to other sites on the Internet, either through a link or a banner, you may receive a cookie from one of our partners. St John's School is not responsible for the security and privacy policy, form, content or practices of those sites.


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